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Recommended Movies

An Inconvenient Truth (NEW!!!)

Director Davis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Mr. Gore's personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change.? A longtime advocate for the environment, Gore presents a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way.? "Al Gore strips his presentations of politics, laying out the facts for the audience to draw their own conclusions in a charming, funny and engaging style, and by the end has everyone on the edge of their seats, gripped by his haunting message," said Guggenheim.? An Inconvenient Truth is not a story of despair but rather a rallying cry to protect the one earth we all share.? "It is now clear that we face a deepening global climate crisis that requires us to act boldly, quickly, and wisely," said Gore.


Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

A volcano beneath New York City seems unlikely...yet nothing else can explain the bizarre tremors and terrifying explosions wreaking havoc on the city. Tunnel digger Matt MacLachlan (Costas Mandylor) and his team of "Sandhogs" have witnessed lava seeping into the city's aqueduct system and know the unimaginable truth. A scientist's (Michael Ironside) secret, geo-thermal experiment has triggered the volcanic activity; and now Matt, his geologist ex-wife (Alexandra Paul), and a team of unlikely heroes have only a few sticks of dynamite and a prayer to rescue the city from volcanic apocalypse.


10.5 Apocalypse

For those who survived the earth-shaking terrors of 10.5, the tremors just keep on coming in this sequel that finds scientist Samantha Hill (Kim Delaney) and President Hollister (Beau Bridges) doing battle against Mother Nature as she unleashes her formidable wrath in the heartland. Extinct volcanoes are erupting at an alarming rate, and the ground is opening up to swallow entire cities, leading some to believe that the Apocalypse has finally begun. All hope isn't lost yet, however, and as FEMA leaps into action to provide assistance to those in need, volunteer firefighter Brad Malloy (Dean Cain) and kindly doctor Miguel Garcia (Carlos Bernard) do their best to get citizens out of the rapidly expanding danger zones. With even more destruction on the horizon, Samantha is forced to put the past behind her in hopes that her father, Dr. Earl Hill (Frank Langella), a rogue scientist whose ideas have found him exiled from mainstream science, can find a way to divert the path of the quake and save countless lives in the process.



Yellowstone is a park, but it's also the deadliest volcano on Earth. Beneath it, a sleeping 'dragon' is stirring. When an earthquake opens a crack for magma to seep through, other warning signs of an eruption start popping up, but they are ignored or dismissed as 'minor'. But when they learn an eruption will happen, panic breaks out through people of the USA and the world. This is a tale told from former Yellowstone scientists, who recall the final days before Yellowstone erupted, and everything changed forever..


Category 7: The End of the World

A series of devastating storms are leveling major cities across the globe, and it's up to discredited scientist Faith Clavell (Shannon Doherty), dedicated storm chaser Tommy Tornado (Randy Quaid), and the FEMA head Judith Carr (Gina Gerson) to journey into the eye of the storm and find out just why mother nature has turned so violently on mankind in the shocking sequel to 2004's weather-gone-wild thriller Category 6: Day of Destruction. An unprecedented Category Six storm has leveled the Eiffel Tower and reduced the Great Pyramids to rubble, and as the pitch black funnel clouds lay waste to anything and everything in their path, three dedicated heroes attempt to discover whether the malevolent weather is the cause of global warming, or something far more sinister. When a vengeful gang of terrorists threaten to use the storms to their advantage by staging a large scale attack the likes of which the world has never seen, it seems as if it very well may be the end of the world.

Category 6: Day of Destruction

Of all of the ways humankind can destroy the planet, none can hold a candle to the awe-inspiring and earth-shattering power of Mother Nature. As chief meteorologist for the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center, Andy Goodman (Brian Dennehy) has seen his share of storms. Now, just days shy of his eagerly anticipated retirement, Goodman is disturbed to discover three separate storm fronts approaching Chicago: a cluster of tornados from the west, a warm storm front from the south, and an Arctic system from the north. As Goodman enlists the aid of his longtime storm-chasing friend "Tornado Tommy" (Randy Quaid) in tracking the storms, ambitious Chicago television reporter Amy Harkin (Nancy McKeon) is busy researching the mysterious drought and record heat wave that has plagued the city for nearly six weeks. Though the citizens of Chicago are warned to reduce their energy consumption by secretary of energy Shirley Abbott (Dianne Wiest) the Windy City is thrust into darkness when severe thunderstorms destroy the city's main power-generating plant. With no means to warn the outside world of the dangers fast approaching, Harkin and Midwest Electric chief of operations Mitch Benson (Thomas Gibson) must race against time to get the word out to citizens and emergency workers before the snowballing blackout causes a complete collapse of the entire North American power grid.


The Day After Tomorrow

This movie takes a big-budget, special-effects-filled look at what the world would look like if the greenhouse effect and global warming continued at such levels that they resulted in worldwide catastrophe and disaster, including multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, floods and the beginning of the next Ice Age. At the center of the story is a paleoclimatologist (a scientist who studies the ways weather patterns changed in the past), Professor Jack Hall (Quaid), who tries to save the world from the effects of global warming while also trying to get to his son, Sam (Gyllenhaal), who was in New York City as part of a scholastic competition, when the city was overwhelmed by the chilling beginnings of the new Ice Age. In addition to all of the other challenges Dr. Hall faces, he's also going against the flow as humanity races south to warmer climes, and he's nearly the only one going north...


Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke

Although the small town of Rutland, VT, lives contentedly in the shadow of the huge, newly constructed Rankin Dam, there are those who realize that the dam was built "below code" and with inferior materials for the purpose of saving a few bucks. City Counsel President Natalie Powell (Michele Greene) soon has reason to regret the short-cuts taken with the project when the town is threatened by a raging flood. Even worse: Natalie's architect husband David (Joe Lando) and son Garth (Matthew Eward) are trapped inside the dam. Made for television, Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke debuted over the PAX network April 25, 2003, the same day that the filmed was screened at a benefit premiere in the real-life Rutland, VT.